Life's Better When You're Focused?


focused365 | One subscription Includes:

This course you will learn the life skills necessary to live a focused life 365 days a year! In this course you will learn how to set clear goals and gain the skills to following through without hesitation. Focused365 offers the support you need to be consistent and to stick to your plans of achieving your dream and growing in any area of your life. It offers guided action steps to achieve anything you set your mind to. Also included: Lesson Worksheets & Weekly Action Planners to help you stay on track and monitor your progress.

  • MOMENTUM TRAINING Your Faith. God's Identity. This skill strengthens your ability to face challenges or problems with confidence. Once you learn this skill, you will be confident to step out of your comfort zone. With the right attitude you will develop a strong identity in which you will gain clarity regarding your purpose and have the ability to motivate yourself and maintain a positive work/life harmony. Master this core skill and transform your health, your relationships, your wealth, your work and every other area of your life. You can experience happiness and be fulfilled in whatever direction life takes you.

  • BUSINESS BUILDING Your Vocation. God's Gifts. With this skill you will know how to work smart and take control over your time. You will learn how to do a lot more by doing less overall. Learn how to be more effective with both your time and energy in harmony and get the best of both worlds. Now is your chance to take advantage of this skill that can help you become more productive. You will learn a simple method that will instantly spark self-motivation on demand.

  • PERSONAL GROWTH Your Past. God's Testimony. Learn the secret behind mastering your emotions. With this as a highly developed skill, you can consciously manage your subconscious by being able to identify your thinking patterns and have the ability to take control and reframe unwanted beliefs. Gain a solid emotional mastery skill and feel mentally stronger, unafraid of being afraid and empowered to proactively take charge and be in control.

  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Your Influence. God's Influence. This skill will teach you how to embrace changes and incorporate them quickly and confidently into your life and in the lives of those you are leading. Effective listening and adaptability will help you lead confidently and purposefully. With the right mindset and toolkit you will be able to respond to change aggressively and you will be open to making positive progress in your life as well as others.

  • RELATIONSHIP COACHING Your Family. God's Family. This skill helps you communicate powerfully, listen intently and teaches you how to express with purpose. You will be able understand other people's ideas while being able to deliver your own thoughts and feelings clearly, calmly, and impactful. This skill focuses on the elements of trust. When you learn this skill, you can build both loyal, reliable and trusting relationships with anyone. You will also be a positive influence to others.

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Life Coach

Paris Hough

Paris Hough loves to teach achievement and reward through individual improvement. She thrives in the corporate environment and is passionate about the success delivering breakthroughs beyond the professional space. Paris shares practical and liberating lessons from personal experiences through Biblical concepts. Paris was a former top Motivational Speaker for the Anthony Robbins organization where she excelled as a Peak Performance Strategist. She has over 30 years of experience in Sales, Professional Speaking and Consulting in the areas of Leadership, Peak Performance, Organizational Behavior, Psychology of Achievement, Relationships and Character Development. She is a licensed NLP Professional. An Author of Take Control Of your Life and a weekly life coaching advice contributor. Paris' journey to success has been long and difficult. She travels sharing her story of hope and is dedicated to teaching those seeking transformation through the steps she took from being and emotional and physical wreck to obtaining financial freedom and independence. Her path was long and difficult but she has persevered and now shares her testimony to inspire others.