Why join focused365

Are you looking for a more vibrant and happy life? Do you want to enhance all that is special about you? Are you looking to banish negativity and find a fresh perspective? If so, the answer you're looking for is Focused365!

Focused365 presents mental exercises you can do at home, at work, or on the go to help you make the most of potentially bad situations, see the best in other people, and view yourself and your abilities in a positive light. These quick video life coaching sessions are short but powerful and will help you become more mindful, more grateful, and a better, more optimistic version of yourself! You will learn how to develop and increase some of the most important focused365 traits, including: Well-being, Happiness, Inspiration, Resilience, Optimism, Gratitude, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Mindfulness, Self-Love and Compassion. Keep in mind that there is no strict order to begin. If you feel drawn to one topic in particular, skip straight to it. The rest will be waiting for you whenever you are ready. After all, there is no wrong way to go about building a happier, more positive life! A brighter, better future is waiting for you...Let's get started!

Life Coach

Paris Hough

Paris Hough loves to teach achievement and reward through individual improvement. She thrives in the corporate environment and is passionate about the success delivering breakthroughs beyond the professional space. Paris shares practical and liberating lessons from personal experiences through Biblical concepts. Paris was a former top Motivational Speaker for the Anthony Robbins organization where she excelled as a Peak Performance Strategist. She has over 30 years of experience in Sales, Professional Speaking and Consulting in the areas of Leadership, Peak Performance, Organizational Behavior, Psychology of Achievement, Relationships and Character Development. She is a licensed NLP Professional. An Author of Take Control Of your Life and a weekly life coaching advice contributor. Paris' journey to success has been long and difficult. She travels sharing her story of hope and is dedicated to teaching those seeking transformation through the steps she took from being and emotional and physical wreck to obtaining financial freedom and independence. Her path was long and difficult but she has persevered and now shares her testimony to inspire others.