New Believers Start Here

Succeeding as a born again believer involves growing in your faith, living a life that honors God, and fulfilling your purpose as a follower of Jesus Christ.  In this free course you will learn:


  1. Prayerful Connection.

  2. Bible Study.

  3. Listening to God.

  4. Seeking God's Will.

  5. Accountability and Fellowship.

  6. Obeying God's Word.

  7. Learning from Challenges.

  8. Maintaining Gratitude.

  9. Repentance and Forgiveness.

  10. Serving Others.

  11. Trusting God's Timing.

  12. Embracing Grace.

Remember that your relationship with God is personal and unique. While this guide provides a framework, your journey will be shaped by your individual experiences and the ways God communicates with you. Stay open to His leading, and continue seeking His guidance in every aspect of your life.